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6 Way Plug Wiring Schematic

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Standard Wiring*

PostPurposeWire Color
TMPark LightsBrown
GDGroundBlack (or White)
STrailer BrakesBlue
LTLeft Turn/Brake LightYellow
RTRight Turn/Brake LightGreen

The most common variances on this diagram will be the (blue/brake) & (red/Acc.) wires will be inverted. If there is no red or blue wire and there is both a black & a white wire, normally, the black will be brakes and the white ground.

* Always test wires for function and wire accordingly. This wiring scheme is for reference only.

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"However you like to say it: 6 Pin, 6 prong, 6 way, 6 pole trailer & truck plug wiring schematic"




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